Fawwad Khan

Daniel Fernandez, an Indian comedian, famous for producing satire on controversial matters has narrated the hilarious reasons for hating the Fawad Khan.

As expected the most paramount reason is that Fawad Khan is hell much good looking in a way as the actor has copyrights for looking handsome. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s producer was asked to submit the five crores for releasing the film that cast Fawad Khan. As evident from the video the satirical comedy by the Indian comedian on this relatively critical and the most controversial issue between India and Pakistan made the audience to laugh out loud so hard.

After the Uri attack, the tensions between India and Pakistan hiked up. This caused the art and artists to suffer a huge loss on both the sides. Still, artists are taking are using their talent to talk about this controversy in a very light manner. After the relations between both the countries deteriorated, right wing radical groups in India demanded a ban on the Pakistani artist. Fawad Khan who has a huge fan following among Indians due to his unique looks became the direct victim of this prohibition.

Even media outlets within India took a chance to blame the artist for money laundering and damaging his reputation. There is no doubt that liberals on both the sides of the border who advocate for peace and often get the tag of traitor or continuing their efforts to highlight such controversies. The use of humor and satire to clashes between both the countries is not only entertainment but thought to provoke at the same times.

Regional tensions apart, both the sides have adamant similarities between them. Unfortunately, differences always surpass while crushing those light common grounds that can remove the clashes and sooth an atmosphere of love and peace.


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