Pakistani truck driver

The status of Truck driver has very special place in Pakistani cultural scene. In Pakistan, a truck is not only the carrier of luggage, but it is also a complete manifestation of driver’s taste for life, politics, romance, music and his extent of patriotism.

Slogans and phrases written on the Pakistani Truck are not the depictions of the truck driver’s life; they speak about the heart of every Pakistani. No doubt that travelling very often exposes to a wide range of life experiences. Somehow the writings on a truck are not only an expression of experience but also convey messages.

Now this can be for his beloved, for the by passers, or for anyone on the road. Or they just weren’t to tell how soft-hearted they are.

Pakistani truck driver Loce Life

Don’t stare, don’t gaze like this, they are already away from their hometown, feeling homesick so look at them with love.

Theis great Bollywood dialogue doesn’t only apply to the film actor. This attitude is the paramount trait for a Truck driver’s personality.


This desi Marilyn Monroe is not throwing taunt but also give a useful piece of advice. Being with a very own personal vehicle is indeed dream of a Truck Driver, and once this dream comes true, he doesn’t want any wave of jealousy to destroy this achievement.

Hero worshipping is also one of the greatest attributes of a Truck driver, and it depicts so beautifully in the form of portraits painted on the back of the trucks. Political figures and high ranked army officers are very commonly seen on the backsides of these vehicles.

Perhaps, one of the most brutal typos one would have witnessed ever. Maybe the painter intended to right dipper.

Love For Pakistan

A small piece of critic on the lifestyle of a girl who takes the veil. It may seem to be the very simple verse that says the mask is useless when eyes are still exposed, as only eyes are enough to arouse the feeling of love among the opposite gender.

For sure an open challenge to the chasing vehicle who intends to take over, just a test for the driver’s courage and patience.

Such demagogue is not constrained within the Truck driver; even the Rickshaw walas are not behind in giving advice according to their experiences.


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