Polish First Lady can be shown moving towards Melania, ignoring Trump's extended hand to shake

As the United States President is famous for his handshakes’ stories but the Poland handshake takes the game to a whole new level.

During his visit in Poland, when the Polish first lady snubs Donald Trump, it turned out to be a major handshake debacle.

The US President extended his hand to shake but the Poland’s first lady ignored him and moved directly to Melania and greeted her.

Maybe, she already knew about the before happened, longest handshakes of Trump with Japnese and French leaders; so she might refrained from creating the another longer one.

However, the lady left Trump in an extraordinary awkward situation; soon after greeting Melania, the Polish first lady shaked hands with Trump too.

But the awkwardness in the environment couldn’t vanish, that was created by the initial snub.

Also, Donald Trump hasn’t been ignored and left hanging, for the first time on the foreign visit by any woman.

Before, Melania on the foreign visits, has many times refused to allow Trump for hand-hold and slapped his hand away.

Luckily, this time it wasn’t Mr. President’s wife; Polish first lady has also been receiving Twitter love, since the video of handshake debacle got viral on the internet.


Besides this, Trump has also shared the awkward yet hilarious handshake and hand-hold moments with the Canadian and British Prime Minister, respectively.

Also, the US President is not the only one who got snubbed but he, himself, also ignored the German Chancellor, once, when she asked for a handshake.

So, the awkward but hysterical series of Trump’s handshake might continue till the end of the his rule.


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