Hindi Medium Trailer

Saba Qamar’s debut Bollywood film Hindi Medium’s trailer is out, and it is totally relatable to the every Pakistani parents.

The movie is the real representation of a couple from middle-class whose only goal in the life is to see their kids prospering according to the norms of high profile society. Hindi Medium trailer proves it

In the first place, what the film has got is the story plot. It narrates nothing but the dilemma of the ordinary parents of sub-continent who think that future of their kids can be secure and bright only if they can manage to get an education a high class English medium school. In fact, speaking English is just a pass to enter the high-class society.

Well, this doesn’t mean that you would have to look at the screen with rigid expressions on the face. The trailer reveals that movie is going to be fun as an Indian couple makes very strange decisions in a hilarious way, only to make sure that their only baby girl gets the best possible schooling.

Such compelling story indeed makes the film a worth-watch but acting of Saba Qamar as Irfan Khan’s wife is also a treat. It seems that no one could have played this role better than Saba.

Irrfan Khan who is famous for his films like Life of Pie, Life in a Metro and Lunch Box has always worked in the cinema projects that highlighted critical social issues, so his chance of becoming a mismatch for this scene has completely ruled out.

There were many speculations about the story as Irrfan Khan released posters of the films that features the lively on screen moments of the couple leading to expectations that it would be a rom-com. Hindi Medium trailer has revealed that it is going to be a lot more interesting than what we were expecting.

The film would make to the cinemas on 12 May 2017.


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