Ho9llywood actress, Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone; a Hollywood actress has taken notice of her photo on a Mehndi (dye) package. She didn’t know what it was all about but still thought it interesting. She couldn’t understand the language written on it.

After the actress posted this picture and revealed her astonishment, people came up with interesting comments. They informed her about the exact purpose of this beauty product and also that her picture was there to serve as a model.

A user also made her aware that Alicia could also claim her royalty but one package one sells for less than 25 cents, which is a negligible amount. In the comment box, one revelation disclosed that the pictures of Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio were also featured on the packaging of another beauty product in the 90s. In this way, Alicia Silverstone is not the first Hollywood actress the receive this honor.

In Pakistan, it is very common for local brands to use the pictures of Hollywood and Bollywood actors even on very low quality and cheap goods. Interestingly, the target markets (ultimate consumers) in many cases even manufacturers don’t know who the person is. They simply need some beautiful face to embellish the package of their beauty product.

One just needs to scan a local market and a cosmetics shop; there would be plenty of hair dyes and personal grooming products that would carry faces of the actors like George Clooney.


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