These are the 6 best movies of 2016 from Hollywood


The year 2016 is almost at its end, we have seen plenty of great movies which mesmerized our cinema taste and fiction craving minds. We present you here some good piece of art, yes we are talking about the best movies of 2016.

Obviously, it is hard to pick some and leave other, and everybody has his/her sense of visualizing the big screen. We picked these best movies keeping in mind the commercial success, storytelling, and the skills of cinematography.

Toni Erdmann

Maren Ade instantly became an international star director with this story of a waggish father (he likes to wear joke teeth) who attempts to reconnect with his tightly wound business-consultant daughter. From this simple premise, Ade explores the trickiness of familial love, the clash of generational values, and the way that globalized capitalism warps both its winners and losers.


The search for identity lies at the heart of Barry Jenkins’s small, delicate, profound film. Which carries its hero, Chiron, through three phases of his life (each played by a different actor), from the teenage son of a drug addict to a strong young gay man with solid gold covering his teeth. A triumph of blue-hued impressionism, it boasts magnificent performances by the likes of Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris, and André Holland remains one of the best movies of all times.

Captain America: Civil War

Following their celebrated work on Captain America: The Winter Solider, Joe and Anthony Russo faced a much bigger challenge with the Avengers interval Captain America: Civil War. Civil War always had to act as a crucial cog in Marvel’s massive cinematic universe. Civil War delivers the extraordinary spectacle and action we’ve come to expect from Marvel films while keeping the stakes grounded and Earth-bound.


Cheeky, subversive lilt defines the best of Deadpool, from opening credits to the final frame. The title hero breaks the fourth wall, drops Meta jokes about his place in the superhero genre, and exacts bloody vengeance with relentless flair. And all of it feels like a loving middle finger to the conventions that have come to define the superhero genre. Let’s just say most superhero movies don’t have enough disregard for “good taste” to shoot their heroes right up the ass, but Deadpool never backs down from the flagrant.


Harking back to speculative classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Denis Villeneuve’s science fiction film has no time for the blow-up-the–White House pyrotechnics of a conventional space-invader film. Instead, it follows a linguist— played with extraordinary depth by Amy Adams—who learns to communicate with the ETs, rather than kill them. The result is a mind-bending look at the nature of language, different ideas of time, and the value of learning from—rather than fearing—alien cultures, a message that seems particularly worthwhile nowadays.

Doctor Strange

With Doctor Strange, Marvel continued to prove their knack for expanding and enriching their cinematic universe with each new film. It’s visually stunning, kinetically creative, and it touches on themes of death and duty without ever dragging the movie’s overall tone down into doom and gloom.


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