Pakistanu couple honeymoon in Europe

A newly wed bride goes on a honeymoon without her husband; sounds quite a strange thing but it happened with a Lahore-based Pakistani girl.

Homa Mobin had decided to go with her husband Arsalaan Sever on a honeymoon trip to Greece, but it couldn’t happen as her spouse was denied the visa. The lady had to go with her in-laws without her husband as everything was rescheduled and programmed

Huma Mobin on Honeymoon

Her social media posts revealed that she badly missed her husband as it was not a honeymoon but just a trip. She photographed herself in the most awkward situations and immediately grabbed the social media attention.

A honeymoon without husband

After Huma’s picture had gone viral on social media and international blogs, everyone frowned on the concept of going on a honeymoon without the husband and how it feels. Well, the feeling is quite evident from the face of the lady.

Now, finally, the couple has managed to go on their dream tour of Europe. IHG Reward Club Intercontinental Hotel has given the couple one million points under their loyalty program.

After being on a tour of Europe with her husband Huma posted new photographs where she was much happy but still didn’t forgot to grimace over the memories of last year.

Huma Mobin on Honeymoon with her husband

The couple celebrated is finally back from their 14 days trip. They celebrated their Christmas in Barcelona and new year in the Paris.

Indian Photographer who followed his wife everywhere surprised the world

Well, traveling alone and exploring the world without any interruption shouldn’t be a big problem as everyone loves to do it, but yes for newly wed couples going on a honeymoon without their spouses is indeed an unfortunate event.


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