Honor killing in Pakistan

Pakistani women, particularly those belonging from interior Sindh and southern Punjab, are suffering badly from the ulcer of honor killing since decades. We never know how many ladies have given their lives in the name of so-called honour of their men.

A recent debate conducted as part of the BBC Urdu series Qatal o Ghairat (Murder and Honor) discussed the actual reasons that force someone for honor killing with a particular reference to Sindh. The debate was hosted by renown columnist Wusatullah Khan. The guests included the Dr Agha Nadia Pathan, Director of Gender Studies Department from Shah Latif University and Imtiaz Hussain Phulpoto, the ex-member of Sindh Assembly. Apart from this students and teachers from the Khairpur University also discussed their thoughts openly.

The theme of the discussion roamed around root causes of the honor killing, whether they were cultural, social or religious. There is no doubt that culture and religion are two distinct things and when they coexist they positively impact each other, but the issue of honor killing is quite social in nature.

The brutal murder of innocent women in the name of honor can only be attributed to the patriarchal society, where a man is the figurehead of a family. In the modern time, the family serves as the core unit of the society. Unfortunately, this unit gains strength on ultimate sacrifices of the women, who have to exist as an honor of their fathers, brothers and later his husbands and his sons.

How one can be honourable when he or she is entitled to be the honor of someone else against his will?

Apart from the discussion, the cause of the honor killing is merely in the identity crises that females all around the world are suffering since centuries. In interior Sindh, Southern Punjab and Tribal areas of Pakistan where this vice is still being practised the tradition also dates back to the strengthening of the feudal system; A system whose foundation lies on crushing the fundamental rights and subduing the women, working class and lower social categories of the society.

Despite, such hostile environment our women are still capable of working in every field of the life challenging the men and living the life by pursuing their identity.

Our people must learn to honor the ladies as a human being and not as a possession to whom they can do whatever they want.


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