Hoodiocre is making the best school batch hoodies and we’re loving it!


As you know, last year was all about matching best friend hoodies in winters or school hoodies that students wore even off-campus. Hoodiocre is an online company operating to give you the best quality hoodies in the minimum price range possible!

Started back in 2015, this customization company is headed by Mohiuddin Malik who’s a CA student, who also plays table tennis for UMT in their official university team. He says he ‘had a dream one night’ and woke up the next day taking this initiative, and its been a success up until now!

Hoodiocre offers you customized products, whether hoodies, sweatshirts, T shirts and even classy polo shirts. Hoodies are definitely in fashion for the past two years, especially for university batches.

Batch Hoodies for different Institutions:

This year Hoodiocre has signed up with the following institutions, and they’ll be providing hoodies to students so they can wear them with pride and let everyone know of their love for their respective institutions!

  • SIMS
  • King Edward
  • Allama Iqbal Medical College
  • Ameer-ud-Din Medical College
  • Sheikh Zayed Medical College
  • UET
  • FAST
  • Government College University
  • FCCU
  • Habib university Karachi
  • Rawalpindi medical college
  • NUST
  • UCP
  • Fatima Jinnah Medical college, among others.

Students love wearing their batch hoodies within and even off campus, because it shows that they take pride in their institutions!

Previously Hoodiocre had contracted with different schools and they sent batch photos to the company, and here are some of them:

Batch photo
Ravians wearing their hoodies

Hoodies and shirts for other causes:

However, it is to be noticed that Hoodiocre does not only make hoodies and other products only for batches and schools. You can order in hoodies and other products of your own liking, or even team up with the company for them to print shirts for your event where the staff can wear identical shirts to stand out! Here are some of the other works of the company:

Game of Thrones T-Shirt


GOT T-shirt
Football Team Supporting T shirts

The aim of Hoodiocre is to be one of the largest shipping companies across not only Pakistan, but the world.

Companies like Aliexpress, Shopify etc have made a mark in this business, soon Pakistan will offer suck shipping techniques and offers and by that time Hoodiocre intends to be a prominent name!

Contact them:

Anyone who wants to get hoodies made for their events, companies, school batch or merely for themselves can visit Hoodiocre’s face book page by clicking here.

The official website is www.hoodiocre.com

And you can email them at hoodiocre@gmail.com


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