Houbara bustard hunting

Strengthening personal relations on the cost of state’s critical assets has remained a long tradition of the Pakistani rulers, but the example of PMLN government stands distinguished in this regard. This time the victims are not only the poor Pakistani people but the wretched houbara bustard birds.

The birds are unaware of the fact that friend of the enemy is also an enemy, that’s why they continue to migrate to Pakistan by considering it a safe heaven and a secure habitat in the winter season. Houbara Bustard is a conserved species of the world, given threats its existence due to ruthless hunting by Arabs.

In Lahore high court a petition has been filed challenging the federal government’s issuance of hunting permit. The petition says that both Supreme Court, as well as LHC (Lahore High Court), have suspended the hunting of protected species and permitting any hunting is against the law.

Permit issued to Arab Royals for hunting

The species has already vanished from Saudi Arabia, and U.A.E and now the Arab Royals are committed to making it a victim of their lust in Pakistan too. Despite, the fact that presence of these beautiful birds in Pakistan simply adds to the beauty and raises its geographical honors, our rulers have issued hunting permits to Arab Royals just to boost their personal ties. Off course, when a letter from a Qatari Prince can legalize all the wealth from unexplained sources then issuing the same sort of letter to legalize the hunting of Houbara Bustard makes sense.

Yes, personal ties with Arab royals matter a lot as our ruling parties also need a place to live in exile after they are done with committing atrocities to the nation. Justifying the hunting of houbara bustard merely with an argument that it strengthens relations between countries is just lame. If both the countries are willing to support each other, then they must enhance the bilateral trades. The same country to which our government refers to as friendly as China is increasing ties with our decades-old rival India while signing the trade deals, and we are giving it our precious assets at the cost of destroying our ecosystem.

Every year Arab Royals cause enormous damage to the peachick crop in the southern Punjab crushing entire hard work of the poor farmers.

Unfortunately, after depriving of Pakistani nation from the core amenities due to poor governance, the government is moving on to deplete all the natural resources. We are already a consumer economy and can’t afford to deteriorate our image in the eye of the international trade organizations, ending up in barring from the global market.


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