How to lose weight without dieting and work out


Fear of gaining weight makes the ladies conscious more than anything else. How to lose weight is not such a big problem but it aggravates when women handle it wrongly.

Usually, whenever the word weight pops up related things that come to mind are dieting, starvation, heavy work out and other such things that fall a burden on daily life routine. Good news is that an ideal body can be maintained without adopting an otherwise strict routine. Just follow these simple habits of eating food.

Eat Diet Rich in Protein

Put great emphasis on eating protein food. These include meat, beef, chicken, fish and cereals. Pay a particular focus on eating the white meat, as it would not only fill the body’s protein deficiency but also increase the metabolism.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Avoid as many sugar drinks as you can. Sugary drinks are indeed a great source of unhealthy carbs, they simply distract the body’s metabolic system from normal path and make it work abruptly.

Exclude Carbs from the diet

While following a proper dieting plan, it is highly advised to take as low carb diet as possible. Such level of care is required as carbs are basic building blocks of fats, once they deposit beneath the skin as fat, they become difficult to digest. For instance avoid eating rice, wheat products and also the potatoes, specially the sweet potatoes.

Never drink water after eating

Cautiously monitoring your habit of drinking water plays a vital role in setting the direction for your body’s metabolic system and prompts it to lose weight. Never drink water after eating, as this makes it difficult for the stomach to digest food. Drinking water before half hour of eating meal is optimum as it prepares the stomach for digestion.

Eat slowly and take small bites of food

This is perhaps the most important caution, heavy chunks of food are difficult for stomach to digest. Taking small bites and eating slowly not only converts the food into smaller portions but also increases the process of digestion.

Increase vegetable and diet intake

Taking vegetables like spinach, cucumber, turnip and other such is very beneficial for health, as these vegetables not only supply vitamins to the body but also regulate the metabolism.

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