Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has condemned a defamatory campaign on media against well-known author and analyst  Dr Ayesha Siddiqa. The commission termed this campaign to be in conflict with democratic values of society, as it only smeared a person due to his thoughts and idea.

HRCP says that our country is Passing through a difficult situation, but this does not mean to abandon the freedom of expression for every citizen, as it would disallow contribution of different thoughts and ideas towards making a better society.

“We sympathise with Dr Siddiqa and all those who are at the receiving end of this madness, but we are more concerned that the pervasive climate of intolerance and paranoia will stifle the voices of human rights and reason, robbing the nation of valuable advice on making decent choices.”

The outrage against Dr Ayesha Siddiqa started on social and electronic after her participation in a conference in Afghanistan. Many social media and electronic media outlets branded Dr Ayesha as a traitor as she was alleged for meeting with RAW officials in Afghanistan.

The campaign on social media prevailed with the hashtag of #Ayeshathedrifter; HRCP has termed this propaganda as a character assassination of the analyst. Dr Ayesha Siddiqa has also condemned this hate campaign against her and asked the authorities to practice the cybercrime law to do crack down on individuals who are exploiting cyberspace for defaming a citizen.

HRCP has also called authorities to take notice of the matter according to rules of using cyberspace and made the public aware of analysing such smear words on media that may be defamatory for someone or at odds with principles of a democratic society.


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