China-India Borders clash

About hundred of the Indian soldiers killed during China-India Borders clash.

Reportedly, the number of deaths of the Indian army personals is about 160.

China, which also kicked off its first homemade passenger aircraft, fired the rockets today across the border in the Sikkim, the city of India.

Also, many soldiers of the Indian army have wounded, and a huge number of its equipment got destroyed in the attack.

The same Indian army faced the wrath which has been violating human rights in Kashmir and recently tied a man with a jeep as a human shield.

The development resulted after India didn’t remove its forces from the areas concerned despite China’s several warnings.

China flexed its political muscle with equipped unit in the area close to the Tibet border.

A video clip aired on the China Central Television which showed the army assaulting the rivals with the rocket launchers, machines guns, and mortars.

Missiles and anti-grenades were also used by the Chinese military today in the attack on India.

Both the countries have a dispute over territories including Aksai Chin and MacMahon Line since the British rule in the sub-continent.


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