“I have been shot” – a 15 years old Hussain’s last words

Hussian killed by Arial firing


Last Sunday when the nation celebrated Pakistan’s victory, a 15-years-old Syed Hussian Raza Zaidi fought for his life at Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPMC) after being shot as a result of Arial firing.

The day of celebration for the country turned into the day of mourning for the family of the young boy, who was the eldest son of Qasim Raza Zaidi.

Reportedly, the 15-year-old was standing on the balcony of his house, enjoying the spectacular fireworks in his area after the great win of Pakistan against their archenemy India by 180 runs. He told his father that they are some men outside with guns who are Arial firing now as the Pakistan have won the Champions Trophy. Qasim asked his son to come inside at once, and just as he was about to do that, Hussian’s screams were heard. Qasim said ” Hussian shouted ‘ Papa, I have been shot,'” and that according to the boy’s family were his last words.

Hussian was rushed to the hospital, but according to the doctor, he had lost too much blood by the time he was brought there. ” The whole team of surgeons tried their best to save him (Hussian), but he was in the critical condition when brought to the hospital,” said the Executive Director Dr. Seemin Jamali; the doctor started operating him immediately, but he breathed his last at 2 am.

Around 10 pm, when the nation was busy celebrating, Hussian became a victim of Arial Firing with a bullet passed into his stomach hitting the ribs.The boy’s funeral prayers were held at Model Colony mosque and was laid to rest in Model Colony graveyard.

Hussian’s father works as a government servant in the health department, and his mother is a school teacher. Studying O-Level at Beacon Askari Secondary School, Model Colony campus, Hussian was the eldest of the two brothers. They had three sons but one of them died four years ago, and now they lost Hussian as well.

Police visited the family to investigate and find evidence, but no one knew or had seen the motorcyclists before.

It is sad to think how a celebrated day for one became the most grievous for the other. We, as a nation, have become so insensitive that we are unable to consider the outcomes our actions may drive.



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