How Ice Cream Companies are not Selling What they Claim


In Pakistan, food and safety standards are far from ideal; thus people do not really know even little things about Ice Cream. Recently, the infamous Aisha Mumtaz launched a crusade against substandard food items, and it came as a shock to many people that many renowned and famous eateries are not complying the international food and safety standards. As a matter of fact, even the basics were not being followed. So it is very important for people to know that what are some of the differences between Ice Cream and frozen desserts.

Ice Cream
Ice Cream

There are many differences between both, and keeping an eye on those differences would go a long way when it comes to making sure that you take care of your family and loved ones. Previously it was reported in the same forum that how mainstream ice cream brands are duping Pakistani consumers. So we though some more information must be provided to readers about difference between Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts

Ice Cream
Ice Cream

The differences can be identified on the basis of the way the delectable are sorted, their overall texture to the extent to which the fat content is available in both. As per the food and international safety standards, the ice cream is the product that is obtained by freezing the mixture that is pasteurized. That mixture is prepared from the milk. Additionally, it uses the products that are derived from the milk and dairy products. Ice cream does not have any sweetening agents added to it. On the other hand, frozen desserts are products that are obtained by freezing the pasteurized mix that is prepared with vegetable oils. Internationally, even in our neighboring countries, these things are pointed out and mainstream brands like Amul issuing statements in public interest to let their customers what they are consuming.

Now in Pakistan, the sad part is that there are not marketing standards; thus companies like Omore, Walls, and Gourmet are not obliged to clearly mention on their products that either they are providing a frozen dessert or Ice Cream to their consumers. Due to higher fat content, it possesses significant health risks to the child population that is consuming it.  The need of the hour is making the industry standards and making it necessary for these companies to mention it clearly on their label that what they are serving to their customers. But we are a nation that consumes donkey’s meat, and no one bates an eye, so it is unlikely that action would be taken against such brands.


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