Trump as President in oval office

The Canadian immigration site has broken as people look to leave the US. The official website for ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’ has stopped working, apparently because of the sheer number of people looking to leave the country.

Canada’s website would usually offer ways of applying either to live in or to become a citizen of the country. But all those people trying to access it are able to see is a long loading page and no access to the website.

Donald Trump looks all but assured to be the new president of the United States, leading to tremendous anxiety among his opponents. Similar pressure to leave the country was seen in the wake of the UK’s general election and of the Brexit vote – an issue that the European Union is looking to solve by allowing people to keep their European citizenship potentially.

Canada has been active in taking in refugees from a range of countries in recent months. The government has run a campaign to welcome people fleeing the war in Syria, for instance, and has been praised for being so welcoming in greeting refugees from countries around the world.

According to The Telegraph, searches for the word “emigrate” also jumped in the United States at around the same time. Seems odd.

What about the Pakistanis living and settled in the USA? Will they try to move to Canada or Europe?

I think still the situation is not yet finalised and it’s not clear what will be the new face of USA if Trump gets to the white house. Mostly candidates have the difference between actions and words. The tactics to play with the public votes are different from the foreign policy. If you are deciding now, it’s a bit exaggerated thought. By the way, Canada is always a good option.


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