Imran Khan exposes Pmln’s love with media, only OutlookPakistan reported


PTI chief Imran Khan has exposed that PMLN has spent Rs 12bn of taxpayer’s money on publicity and media advertisements.

Imran Khan revealed this joint corruption of PML-N and media while addressing a rally in Kasur. He told that educational budget of the Balochistan was Rs 14bn, this means the government was spending on media advertisements, an amount almost equal to the funds allocated to education sector of a province.

He spoke about the issue, earlier highlighted by the Outlook Pakistan while rest of the Pakistani print and electronic media was silent about it.

Why media never cares to expose the theft of public money by the government through advertisements and promotions is an ambiguous question. Pakistani print and electronic media that on airs the publicity campaigns of pseudo developmental projects by the PML-N government is also a beneficiary, talking about any such scandal would debunk its reality.

Corporate media that can’t dare to utter a single world against the corporates and governments would never want the people to know that it has been taking their money from the government just to tell them how good it is for the sake of ordinary men.

From 2013 to till now, the PML-N government has given more than Rs 11bn to print and electronic media in the name of promotional content for the PML-N while exploiting the public money that could otherwise be used for the betterment of health and education sector.

The PML-N government which has already spent billions on controversial developmental projects has badly failed to provide the education and health facilities to its citizens. Pakistan that is already fighting the conflict on for discrimination with smaller provinces is now on the verge of intra-provincial hostilities due to an unfair mobilization of resources that is more inclined towards urban centers like Lahore. The policies of the government that only roam around the sole issue, how PML-N can grab another five years in power, are creating further deprivation in different sectors.


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