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Javed Hashmi, during a press conference, openly claimed that through the reports of Joint Investigation Team (JIT), conspiracies against the government were being hatched.

Javed Hashmi mentioned that Imran Khan once clearly said, after the tenure of Tassaduq Gilani, the upcoming Chief Justice of Pakistan would break the government as well as the Parliament. At that point, Hashmi said this would be Martial Law, but Imran negated it saying that it would not be martial law, because the Judges of the Supreme Court would be announcing the verdict against the acting government.

We now wonder, was a conspiracy truly going on? Because in a ratio of 5 to 0, the verdict of all 5 judges was against Nawaz Sharif. Hashmi in his press conference spoke about what Imran had said about the new judges breaking the government, and today, Imran’s allegations have proven to be true.

Hashmi, initially being connected to both PTI and PML-N also mentioned that the politicians have to make several sacrifices in order to make their ends meet. He said Nawaz Sharif should definitely be held accountable, but he also asked why was the Prime Minister only being held accountable when there should be accountability for the Army, and even the Judges of our courts. He asked questions like why Raheel Sharif or Pervez Musharraf were not being held accountable for their acts as well?

Imran once said:

“Our institutions for justice are controlled… [by a] a corrupt leader who wants to be Amirul Momineen,”

A reply to this, Javed Hashmi gave, was that under Article 62 and 63, no one could be truly Sadiq and Amin in this country. He said this perhaps, to defend the acting Prime Minister, that not everyone can have a perfect moral character hence, Nawaz Sharif should not only be targeted.

However, under Article 62, it has been proved that Nawaz Sharif did not hold a character which would be acceptable for a Prime Minister, hence, he has been banned for life from ever being a part of politics after today.

Moreover, it is now believed that perhaps the whole Panama case was pre-planned due to what Imran Khan said.


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