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Imran Khan seeks donations for dam fund to overcome water crisis in Pakistan

water crisis and dam fund

Among the gravest of issues, water crisis comes at number one in the list of the problems Pakistan is facing today.

In a short address to the nation, which was about the water crisis in Pakistan and the subsequent effort to build the dams, he put forward some jaw-dropping statistics to show the sensitivity of the situation.

We had on our disposal 5,600 cubic meters of water for each Pakistani at the time of partition which has dropped down to mere 1,000 cubit meters today for an average Pakistani.

At this moment, our water reservoir can only last for 30 days. Whereas in India, they have 90 days backup and Egypt that once had a similar situation stores water for 1,000 days.

The global standard for such reservoirs is 120 days.

“In 7 years from now, Pakistan might face drought due to the shortage of water, and we don’t want to pass on the burden to our next generation,”, PM highlighted.

The country is short of funds; the debt figure has reached to Rs. 30,000 billion and nobody will do the funding but only us.

The premier has not only asked Pakistanis to donate graciously in the Dam Fund but also addressed the expatriates to donate at least $1,000 each.

PM said, 8 to 9 million Pakistanis are living abroad, and they should come forward and help the nation in this hour of need.

How To Donate In The Fund

Realizing the horrific situation, the Chief Justice of Pakistan had started the Supreme Court Dam Fund to construct Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dams in Pakistan. And lately, Prime Minister has announced to merge the PM Dam fund with the Supreme Court Fund.

Following is the detail of account you can use to deposit fund.

Supreme Court Dam fund Account Number

Another way is to send the money to the fund as low as Rs. 10 is by your mobile network operator. For example, on Jazz, you can type “dam” and send it to this number 8000 and Rs. 10 will be donated from your balance to fund. In return, you will get the following confirmation. There are no charges and taxes on this transaction.


As a Pakistani, we have to join hands and do this most important thing and let’s save the future of this country together.

Written by Mudassar Jehangir

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