Imran Tahir pays tribute to Junaid Jamshed

South-African leg spinner who is famous for his celebratory acts in the ground is facing criticism of ICC for showing T-shirt with Junaid Jamshed’s picture printed on it.

After making the Sri Lankan batsman Asela Gunaratne to go back to the pavilion, Imran Tahir took to his traditional style of celebrating the wicket. He lifted his shirt up and revealed the T-shirt underneath with Pakistani pop-star turned singer Junaid Jamshed who had passed away in a plane crash late, last year.

Junaid Jamshed who represented the Pakistani youth through his music at the end of the 80s and 90s was an icon of pop music in the country; he continued to inspire his followers even after he became a preacher and religious scholar. His tragic death in a plane crash along with 45 innocent persons took the nation in awe.

Although, the reaction of Imran Tahir became viral on social media and received massive applause from the fans of him as well as Junaid Jamshed. At the same times, ICC took notice of the matter and considered it breach of regulations that prevent players from displaying social, political or any other messages using clothing or armbands without prior approval from the council.

There was no need of formal hearing as Imran Tahir accepted his crime and offense, Espn Cricinfo reported.

The incident is not the very first of its kind, in history many occasions players have faced sanctions from their regulatory sports bodies for exhibiting such messages related to the political or social cause or celebrating the celebrities in such way. Pakistani cricketer Moin Khan had also faced charges against him after he showed solidarity with Palestinians by wearing black armbands during a match,

Exhibition of social and political causes during an event is forbidden in football too. The recent example in football came when Iranian spectators chanted religious slogans during the qualifying match of Iran for the FIFA world cup.



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