Dr Zakir Naik gets banned

India has banned the religious scholar Dr Zakir Naik’s NGO; Islamic Research Foundation on the accusation of funding the Peace channel that airs speeches of Dr.Zakir Naik. The cabinet committee on security took the decision to ban the NGO after it found that Dr.Zakir Naik’s speeches were provocative.

Despite the fact that organisation in India such as BJP’s ally Shiv Sena are also alleged of making hate speeches against religious minorities, the government has not taken any action against them.

Police have already filed criminal cases against the scholar after Bangladesh accused his provocative statements of being responsible for inciting terrorists and causing the attack on Dhaka’s Holey Artisan Cafe. Bangladesh accused that speeches made by Zakir Naik could have invoked the terrorists to commit such crime.

The ban on the Non-profit organisation of Dr Zakir Naik is not first of its kind, as the NGO is already in Prior permission category and needs to seek permission from the government, every time it receives funding from the foreign government.

It seems that Indian government is hell bent on doing crackdown against IRF, this is evident from Its action to suspend the joint secretary and four other officials of home ministry after they unknowingly renewed the registration of now banned NGO.

Dr.Zakir Naik is already banned in UK and Canada, and also on also included in the list of 16 scholars who are banned in Malaysia.


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