India targets a passenger's bus

Earlier today four civilians embraced martyrdom while eight injured after India targetted a passenger’s bus in Lawat, Neelum Valley, ISPR confirmed. Indian forces also continued heavy shelling and bombings in Keran sector.

The attack in the Neelum Valley started in October, for the first time in several years. Apart from this, Every passing day situation on Line of Control is growing more worse as skirmishes between Indian and Pakistani forces are mounting.

Now, the conflict has not remained limited within Army anymore as civilians are also becoming the victim.

Indian aggression and rising tensions between both the countries would only sabotage the peace process in the region while seriously disturbing the civic life.

Violation of ceasefire and continued Indian shelling on LoC has already caused an escalation of tensions between both the countries.

Earlier in the month, Indian shooting has caused killing of troops on the Pakistani side, and later India admitted that eleven of its soldiers were also killed. On November, 14 seven Pakistani soldiers were martyred as a result of the unprovoked firing of Indian soldiers across LoC.

After India has started to target the innocent citizens across the border, proceedings towards the betterment of relations between the countries have become difficult to achieve.


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