Dowry as a bad custom

Cause of the dowry is ugliness of bride, this is what a sociology textbook for XII class prescribed by the Maharashatra State Board of Secondary and Higher Education in India. The stata of Maharashatra is being ruled by the right wing BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) which already enjoys the fame for supporting absurdities in society.

There is no doubt that dowry is a curse and people love to lambast this evil, through their words even if they dont courage to disprove this through their actions. In sub-continent¬†the custom is very strong and continues to grow as a social tradition even it is burden on many families who can’t afford to pay for the items like gold jewelry, expensive clothes and other such luxurios items to be used in home but they are forced to arrange for it as they have intense socila pressure on them.

Basically dowry is a financial support that parents of the bride give to their daughter so that she can start her new life while being equipped with all the items necessary to start a new life, but society has exploited this in totally wrong way, there are many who cross all the limits to arrange for the dowry just for show and pomp and tell others how much money they have, while at time’s grrom’s family expects too much from thier daughter in law and a way to provide the financial assistance to their son.

Fact is that for whatever purpose it is given dowry is always a bad investment. Afterall, family of the bride has to arrange for huge sum of money, but if the same resources are spendt on her education and empowering her then it would be much better. She would be able to stand on her own feet while able to support herself without any patriarchal support.

The sterotypical standards of beauty that only count for the color, feature and appearance never take into account the talent, intellect, skills and other significant attributes a human being can have. Even if dowry is compensation for a girl who doesn’t fit best on flawd standards of beauty then how someone can expect that money and items can buy respect.

Dear India, better teach our students that our patriarchal society doesn’t want to empower the woman through her abilities, talent and her very existance rather measures her priceless soul with gold and other material items.


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