Highest rate of bribery in India

India has emerged as the most corrupt country in Asia with 69% of bribery rate.

Transparency International’s report based on an 18th-month long survey that took insights from more than 20,000 people has revealed that public in Asia Pacific countries pays a bribe for the services like Police, public health, utilities, ID and voter card’s permits and public schools.

India led the Asia Pacific region with the highest bribery rate of 69%. while the rate in Japan was only 0.2%.  Vietnam and Thailand are second and third with bribe rate of 62% and 41 % respectively.

Pakistan occupied the fourth slot along with Cambodia and Myanmar with a bribe rate of 40%.

Among services, Police turned out to be most obstinate and corrupt department as more than 30% people had to pay bribes to the representatives.

The survey gathered insight from the general public by their daily interactions with public service departments. Still, it doesn’t take into account the major corruption scandals in government and private sectors that are committed by influential people and corporates.

The matter of mega corruption scandals regarding tax evasion is ver well catered by the Panama papers. To purge the society of vices like corruption, there is strong need to launch an operation on every segment whether they are general public bureaucracy or governors.


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