Navy stops Indian submarine

Pakistan Navy backfires the Indian Navy’s attempt to violate the Pakistan’s sea territories. Earlier today, Pakistan navy’s flat units probed an Indian submarine in the southern side of Pakistani sea, by utilising its professional skills and abilities and continuously chasing the marine craft, Navy has stopped the Indian warships to enter into the sea territory of Pakistan.

The recent attempt of India to show his aggression on maritime borders is proof that country wants to start the warfare at all the levels, be it ground air or sea.

According to the representative of Pakistan Navy, we are fully equipped and possesses the ability to silence opponents with an equally aggressive response, as we have all the necessary skills and equipment to defend our sea boundaries from the aggression of enemies. He also said that failing the Indian attempt to start a sea war with Pakistan is evidence on Pakistan navy’s anti-warfare skills and efficiency to backfire any threat with equal potential.

Relations between Pakistan and India are already tense. India is already showing his aggression on Line of control and working boundary, after tensions between both the countries escalated after the Uri attacks and continued in other battlefields such as media and showbiz industry. The recent move of India to violate Pakistan’s sea territories is just another attempt of the enemy to fuel the atmosphere of terror in the region.

A few days back seven Pakistani soldiers were martyred as a result of Indian army’s unprovoked firing on LOC. The recent attempt on behalf of Indian Navy may cause to aggravate the tensions.


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