Wife of Indian BSF soldier

Indian BSF soldier whose video went viral on social media for complaining about the poor quality of food being served to soldiers at the border is now facing the brutal mental torture for his act.

The wife of the soldier has claimed that his husband Tej Bahadur Yadav is under arrest and facing the mental torture, he was supposed to come home on 31 January, but he didn’t come back as he was arrested.

Talking to ANI, wife of the Tej Bahadur Yadav said, “He managed to call up today using someone else’s phone. He told me that he is under arrest, being threatened and mentally tortured,”

“I was expecting him on January 31, but he did not come. He told me that his retirement was also canceled within one hour after it was approved and that he was later arrested.”

It seems that Indian government only cares about its image and doesn’t bother whether its men are starving for food while being on duty in critical weather condition of Kashmir. That’s why it thought to take action against the soldier who dared to expose this maltreatment of the authorities while causing damage to the image of its army.

Perhaps for Indian army the health and life of a  soldier doesn’t matter than maintaining its atrocity in forcibly occupied areas like Kashmir, that’s why it is torturing the BSF soldier who courage to speak words and reveal the truth on social media.

Wife of Tej Bahadur Yadav is really disappointed at such treatment to her husband that she never wants her son to go in army and suffer such brutality, as she said, “I won’t let my son join the forces after seeing how my husband was treated,”

“Initially we did think but not anymore. We used to think of sending him to the army but not anymore. The son himself is refusing now.”

So, Indian army is doing enough to make its army a nightmare for the generations to come.


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