This Indian birdman feeds thousands of parrots everyday is something exceptional


Shekar from the city of India, Chennai, feeds about thousands of parrots everyday; also known as Indian birdman or India’s birdman.

About four thousands of parakeets arrived at his home, every morning, to get fed and that too, twice a day.

He is basically a camera repair technician, who established his business, 25 years ago, when he permanently moved to Chennai.

Shekar has been indulged in feeding parakeets from last ten years and about 40 percent of his income get spent on the food for parrots.

It all started ten years ago, when tsunami struck the city of Chennai, two parakeets arrived at his home.

Those two parakeets brought ten more, then the number became fifty and later, multiplied to hundreds and thousands.

Now, the numbers have grown much and four thousands parakeets arrive at his home; this number varries with season.

Indian birdman feeds thousands of parrots
Thousands of parrots arrived at Shekar’s house to get fed. PHOTO:

Before that, the Indian birdman used to feed some other birds like sparrows, crows and squirrels. So this was something, he always loved to do.

Shekar wakes up every morning at 4:30 and prepare the food for the birds, when they at six o’clock, arrive at his house, to eat.

He called these birds his life and stated that, “My life revolves around them and I have nothing except them.”

The amount of daily bird’s food needed is 60kg and the least it costs is 500 rupees, a day. Also, it is not restricted to feeding thousands of parrots only but he also nurses them when injured.

Though he is aged now and this task becomes tougher for him day by day as its not easy to lift the wooden planks, for an old person, everyday.

“I am happy doing this but now my body is not the same and my knees have became weak; so I can’t continue lifting wooden planks everyday with ease,” apprised to by Shekar.

The wooden planks are being placed on his terrace and food is being placed on them by the birdman.

Watching this Indian birdman, feeding the parakeets, is very exceptional and majestic sight and people while passing, do stand still, for long time, to watch the splendid scene.

These days, when humanity is rarely found around the globe, humans are destroying humans; this amazing man is taking care of the birds by feeding them.

Most appreciable and impressive thing is, he hasn’t caged the birds but let them free and feeds them without any personal reason or benefit but for the sake of love.

Still, the spectacular Shekar in today’s materialistic world is a hope that greatness and humanity exist.


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