Amole Gupte exposed reality shows
Amole Gupte, Indian director

Amole Gupte, the famous Bollywood movies director, badly exposed the harsh side of the Indian children’s reality shows.

The director revealed that how the children are forced to work on these reality shows for long working hours.

Hard situations

While exposing the hard conditions provided to the children, he said that kids are being brought from the distant areas to Mumbai and kept in cheap hotels of the city with their parents, from where they travel to studios for rehearsals, every morning.

The children are made to shoot for the numerous hours and detached from the normal life activities. Sometimes, they left the kids to shoot in the humid non-air conditioned rooms.

A blind child lost his voice due to the tiring circumstances 

Amole Gupte also stated some ruthless incidents which further exposed the barbaric side of the shows.

According to the film maker, once a blind kid made it to the finals for the singing competition. The boy rehearsed the whole day in the exhausting circumstances and finally when at 1 o’clock in the night, he was to record the song, the kid lost his voice, which disturbed him for life.

“I have seen what defeat had done to the children’s morale at such a little age. They get depressed and don’t know how to respond positively to the loss,” Amole Gupte further said.

The filmmaker himself has worked in many children based projects like Taray Zameen Par, Stanley Ka Dabba and few more.

Amole Gupte’s great approach

About apprising his own experience of work with the children, he stated that he never pressurized the kids and let them shoot when they want to.

According to him, once when he was directing a 2-year-old in a Maggi noodles ad, the shoot got stopped as the kid had fallen asleep.

The child’s mother was trying to wake him up but Amole asked her mother not to disturb the little boy and they will hold the shoot until he wakes up or even cancel it if he is not ready.

Furthermore, the director didn’t blame the parents and call them the victims as well. According to him, Government needs to execute the laws which already exist in this reference.


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