Indian forces arrest Kashmiri boys for wearing Pakistani cricket shirts

Kashmiri Boys

Indian forces arrested 11 Kashmiri boys who wore Pakistan’s cricket team jersey and stood in reverence to the Pakistan’s national anthem playing in the background.

The video of 11 Kashmiri boys had gone viral on social media. According to reports, that video clip showed a cricket match between two teams where one represented Pakistan and hence wore Pakistani team’s jerseys while other team wore white jerseys and represented India. National anthems of both teams were played before the match began.

The Beautiful scenic place surrounded by the mountains is said to be playing field in Ganderball.

Indian counter-terrorism National Investigation Agency would inquire from the boys to probe the matter, reportedly.

If Indian forces took stringent actions, then they might spark outrage among the people of the valley who are already fighting their battle against the atrocities of the Indian government.

No wonder, that Indian government has gone to such extent for dealing with the Kashmiri boys. Earlier, a teenager in Assam was arrested by Police only for wearing the Shahid Afridi Jersey; he was nothing but an Afridi fan.

The act of youngster seems to be just a way to make a cricket match more fun as a Pakistan Vs India match has always served as the best entertainment.

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