Indian girl vs Zain Malik and Shahrukh Khan selfie

A tweet by an Indian girl Namrata Datta went viral instantly and got 96 000 retweets within 46 hours of its posting breaking records of the celebrities.

What was so special about those words that became an instant sensation on social media?

Here is the Indian girl’s viral Tweet.

This is the second most retweeted tweet of India after @iamsrk tweet. Crossed 1 Lakh RTs. @candinam

— Achlendra Katiyar (@achlendra) February 10, 2017

Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan’s Twitter selfie with Pakistani-British singer Zain Malik was retweeted more than One Lakh times.

Although the tweet didn’t belong initially to Namrata Data and she exposed about the source in another post.

Such popularity of this post is simply a testimony to the fact that women empowerment is rising across the globe at a rapid pace and people are out to reject the stereotypical dependency of females on their male counterparts.

Effectivity of social media as an influence is becoming more prominent challenging the curriculum taught in our schools. In the time when Indian sociology books are telling that ugly women need to give more dowry for getting married, social media shows that a female’s identification is not only due to a male member of the society rather it is because of her achievements.

Her appearance doesn’t matter, her physical disability is not an issue but her being a human and being a person with the potential to contribute enough to make her stand distinguished in society is what should be her recognition.

A sarcastic Twitter post to give a shut up call to the patriarchy has become viral, and it shows that people are not only concerned about how Shahrukh Khan and Zain Malik look together in a selfie rather they also care about the equal status of females in our society.


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