WhatsApp Hacking by India

Indian hackers are exploiting the new WhatsApp video calling feature to hack the smartphones of Pakistani users.

The popularity of the mobile messenger app WhatsApp is now heading a new direction with WhatsApp video calling feature and many users are looking forward to downloading the app from any link

While taking benefit of the occasion, Indian hackers are sending malicious links to Pakistani smartphone users. These links can spread malware that can help hackers to detect the personal data of users.

According to an advisory notification issued by the National Telecom and Information Technology Security Board, following two links are being spread by the hackers of neighboring countries.

  1. http://whatsapp.videocalls.co
  2. http://whatsapp.oyc.callcollective.com


If users clicked on any of these links, they would end up causing a malware spread in their phones resulting in the leakage of personal information stored in the phones.

Such attack by Indian hackers is not a new of its type. Earlier, they had accessed the online systems of Pakistani International airports by hacking their websites, after Pakistani hackers posted messages on the internet site of an Indian Airport.

The recent move of the India to access the personal information of ordinary people is shameful as it may jeopardize their lives in many ways. Users are strictly recommended to download the app only from the Google Play store


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