Fawwad Khan

Indian Media blamed Fawad Khan, Mawra, Shafqat Amanat Ali and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan of black money, money laundering and corruption giving no proves and evidences whatsoever.

It’s not the first time that India media proved that they are the institution of hypocrisy, a bunch of idiots having camera and studios. They always resorted to the same philosophy of extremism whenever their government wants them to.

The News 18 India channel did a sting operation, in which according to them they proved Fawad Khan guilty. The sting operation is carried on a girl declared Fawad Khan’s manager. For God sake who is this manager, Soni “man mohni“?

Yes, please end the party, you are not worth enough to be in any party. The Indian Media is not only the party spoiler but also always wanted funerals instead of parties.  You are the people who always try to resort to “Give Hate a Chance.”

See how the director smiles and how the anchor appreciates him for his anti-Pakistan movie.

O my!! How he linked the money from the actors to anti-India use? Seriously? Fawad Khan money transferred from India to Dubai, Dubai to Pakistan, and from Pakistan film industry to underworld and then ISI,  fifth graders are more intelligent than these idiots.

When asked from so called manager about the event is in Delhi, she replied its little difficult. And the voice over dramatises the whole thing, hello!! All media personnel in India drinks at work? What is wrong with you all? Yes, it is much difficult for any Pakistani to be in India because of your extremist attitude, and political parties like Shiv Sina, RSS and BJP. While in Pakistan, we receive you with open heart and arms. Perhaps we are wrong.

And what is the problem with the rate of attending the function? No one in senses ever questions the legality of the rate presented which are not regulated by the government. If some institute asks me to give a lecture somewhere, and I demand millions, it’s my right to demand, and it’s the will of Institute to accept it or hire someone else. What is the drama in that?

Now about the service tax, it’s funny and hilarious. The non-resident of India doesn’t have to pay the service tax if the money transferred through bank to the foreign country. This act is made by Indian parliament, not by any Pakistani actor. Question your system if you have to. And frankly, every person uses all the available legal means to save the money.

Comedy is that Indian media declared all is being established and proved that Fawad Khan also has black money. Was Fawad Khan in the sting operation? Who says this Soni (mohni) is her manager? Where are the proves and evidences? If a Pakistani channel presents a sting operation in which Sharbat Khan is found saying, if you want Abhijeet to kill Nawaz Sharif, the rate is 2 billion. Will you accept the sting operation and will hang Abhijeet immediately?

And lastly about all the Indian anchor’s comment about the standard of life in Pakistan. Look who is saying? India has much corruption, poverty and lack of education. Still Indian people kills the daughters in the womb, live under bridges, footpaths and eat once in 2 days.


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