Indian radio waves

Pemra is proving a body which is useless and just engulfing our tax money. Two days back in an Indian channel show the anchor said that:

Pakistan has banned Indian channels but people in Pakistan seeing their stuff on the internet.

We have made Pemra for a purpose. The purpose was to improve the standards of information, education and entertainment. The body had to make sure that they implement the new technology and have the stuff on the television which has accordance with their mandate. But Pemra has failed miserably.

If you live in Lahore, you must have known that areas adjacent to the Indian border catch the Indian radio signals. You all can listen to Indian stuff in defence and other regions; any high-rise building has much Indian waves traffic.

Can Pemra stop these sound waves?

PEMRA had banned every kind of Indian content on TV and radio channels in Pakistan, but what about the content on the internet?

It’s very pathetic that Pemra is so much confused that it is causing the whole nation an embarrassment. They must discuss with the government that whats their policy and Pemra has to implement those things which have any substantial worth.

If you are banning Indian movies and channels, but people seeing all the stuff from the internet. What are you up to?

We are not discussing here that whether Indian stuff is blocked or not, it’s the decision of the government and the government has to make sure that it makes policies accordance to the mandate of the people and common sense. We are here asking Pemra to be mature and grow now.

Don’t just give such notices which are craps. If a ban on Indian stuff is in policy, then this should be implemented as a whole. All the morning shows which are playing Indian songs as voice overs should be stopped, have to find a solution to the radio waves blockage and have to find some technology to restrict people from getting Indian media stuff from the internet.


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