Indian BSF soldier exposes corruption in Army in Kashmir

Indian Army is hell bent on promoting conflict in the region one the name of surgical strikes and by creating turmoil in occupied Kashmir but merely lacks any mechanism to have check and balance on the widespread corruption in its Institute.

Tej Bahadur Yadav, an Indian soldier from BSF (Border Security Force) who is appointed in the Jammu Kashmir, has revealed in the video that soldiers are given untasty and insufficient food. In breakfast, they have only one cup of tea with bread while they have to eat uncooked cereals that are devoid of any spice and ingredients. They don’t get any vegetables and other healthy food at all and often have to sleep at night with empty stomachs.

According to the suffering man, all the food that government sends for soldiers is sold by the upper-level officers. In this way prevailed corruption in Army exploits the soldiers who serve the cause of its nation in severe conditions. For a soldier who has to work in cold conditions of Kashmir such tiny and unhealthy quantity of food means to invite the diseases like T.B that occur due to lack of proper diet.

Indian government that spends billions of Rupees on buying weapons and increasing its military strength is not able to keep a check and balance on its officers and take care of the soldiers whom it assigns the task of curbing the voices of Kashmiris.



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