Indian soldiers

The Indian soldiers come out in support of the Muslims and Dalits of the country against their Prime Minister Narendra Modi by writing a letter.

Few months before, a Pakistani girl has also written a letter to PM Modi for promoting peace.

However, an open letter has been written by retired soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces to Premier Modi, condemning the attacks on Muslims and Dalits.

The letter was signed by the retired officers of the army, air force, and navy, expressing despair over the assaults.

About more than 100 military officials condemned the targeting of the Muslims and Dalits.

They also maintained in the letter that the present environment and atmosphere in India are going against the motives and aims of the armed forces and country’s constitution.

“We can no more ignore it and would be harming our nation if we still don’t speak up for the secular and liberal values adopted in our Constitution,” said in a letter as quoted by the Telegraph.

The forces’ officials maintained to develop unity in diversity which is their greatest strength according to the soldiers.

The letter expressed the support to “Not In My Name” campaign which holds protest across the country against violence and attacks.

Also, the differences in the religion, caste, culture, and language never came in the way of duties of the officers as said by the veterans in the letter.

The letter has also sent to the chief ministers of the states, and further, it quoted that veterans are a witness of unprecedented attacks on the society to a large extent by violent vigilantism of self-appointed bodyguards of Hinduism.

“We condemn the attacks on Muslims and Dalits,” the retired Indian soldiers stated in the letter.

Since past couple of years of Modi’s rule, there is a rise in the incidents of attacks and violence making life miserable for Muslims and other communities of the country.

Recently, Indian law enforcement sources have beaten an Indian Muslim who keeps asking them not to beat him as he is fasting.

Consequently, the veterans stood up against growing unjust assaults in India by writing the open letter to their PM.


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