Indian Soldier should contact Amazon

I just wonder why Indian soldiers have not used the Amazon yet to ensure that their voice is heard. For the last few days, Indian soldiers are making highlights for speaking about their miserable conditions and debunking the corruption prevalent among senior army officers. After the initial video of Taej Bahadur Yadav had surfaced on social media, many other soldiers followed suit and revealed their sufferings before masses.

Despite making such uproar on social media Indian soldiers couldn’t make its government to pay any heed to their troubles rather only got warnings from their chief for the consequences.

Amazon selling slippers of Gandhi
Amazon selling the flipflops with picture of Gandhi

Here is a piece of advice for the Indian soldiers,

Dear men in uniform, your are raising your concerns in an utterly wrong way. Your savior is not the social media but an e-commerce website like Amazon. Just have a look at your government’s outrage after the online seller sold the doormats having prints of Indian flags and then sold the flip-flop beach shoes carrying the picture of Mahatma Gandhi.

Why didn’t you realize that your government cares more for the flag rather than flag bearer.

Sushma Swaraj warns Amazon

Just contact the Amazon to endorse your cause. Believe me; you clamor for receiving poor diet and working in unhygienic conditions wouldn’t make a difference. Your uniform can be used as the sign of patriotism but once your will rises and comes in conflict with theirs; it wouldn’t even take a fraction of the second to make you a real traitor.

Why you don’t understand that India loves its army without any leaps and bound, its people and the government would go to every level for defending the honor of institutes that is very responsible for their defense. If you want attention from the people and the rulers, then ask any online seller to design doormats and slippers carrying the prints of Indian soldiers. Just a single pair of shoe carrying your picture to go online and it would surpass the thousands of videos you had ever made or intend to make for exposing the injustice done to the lower ranks of the army.

After all, patriotism is the paramount thing that makes a nation strong. Allowing someone to make doormats and footwear out of the designs of a country’s flags, founders and the saviors (army) equates compromising on the respect and honor of the very homeland.


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