Air India crew members stealing food hotel in London

Air India staff has exhibited its greed by stealing food from the hotels in London. It seems that management is not taking enough care for their staff in international flights and making them arrange food for themselves while indulging in any activity.

Crew members of Air India take empty boxes with them while having a buffet at Hotel Renaissance London so that they can fill extra food in the boxes to eat it later; the act was not tolerable for the reputed hotel, and it conveyed its concerns to the Air India management about such behavior of its crew members.

Air India food Crises

Air India issued a warning letter to its team members titled as “A Buffet is not a Take-Away.” The letter stated, “We have received an unfortunate email from the management of Hotel Renaissance London, saying that some AI crew members regularly come down for breakfast with empty boxes with them, into which they fill food items from the buffet, presumably to eat later.”

Management also warned crew members of taking adverse action saying, “This may include, not being scheduled on International sectors, as we have no desire to allow the reputation of Air India to be tarnished.”

In Indian institutes, food is coming as the major issue for the workers. Earlier, video of Indian BSF soldier went viral where he complained of the poor and unhygienic food delivered to them as officers were corrupt. In that case, management didn’t bother to take action against the culprits’ rather launched inquiry against the complainer.

Now, when the greed of Indians has manifested accurately in Air India staff, the corruption within Indian BSF officers also seems to be quite an actual thing, which made a poor soldier to make a video for exposing the level of selfishness.

Now, Air India has warned its members to stop from indulging in such acts, in the same way, Indian BSF had started an inquiry of the soldier who dared to expose the corruption in its Army.


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