Indo-Pak couple weds

Pakistani Bride is going to marry Indian groom in Jodhpur. After nearly a month of uncertainty, Naresh Tewani of Jodhpur will marry Priya Bachchani of Karachi, today.

Jodhpur lad Naresh was engaged to Priya of Karachi for the past three years and had scheduled their wedding in Jodhpur on November 7.

But delays by the Indian embassy in Pakistan in granting visas for the bride and family had cast a shadow over the function. Finally, with the date drawing near, the groom had tweeted a request to Swaraj to intervene and arrange visas for 35 members, including the bride, of the Pakistani family to attend the wedding. Finally love wins and this indo-pak couple wedding is on.

Earlier an Indian Bride tweet has gone Viral as she wanted the visa for a Pakistani Friend, Purvi Thacker, she used the social media platform to criticise Indian government as she wanted her Pakistani friend by her side on the biggest day of her life. Sushma Swaraj did nothing for her, but hopefully, here it’s a celebration time.

“We are thankful for the quick response of the minister.All the 35 members got their visas to come to Jodhpur, though, in two parts,” said Naresh.

Priya and her family reached Jodhpur on Sunday and were engaged in ceremonies ahead of the wedding today.

“I am jubilant that everything has gone on as planned and we are enjoying the rituals here,” said a beaming Priya.

this indo-pak couple wedding is a message to Narendra Modi andSushma Swaraj of Bharatiya Janata Party that people from both countries are linked with each other, they not only shares culture but also have relatives beyond the borders. They have to understand and shun their cute politics of hatred, PM Modi has to realise that only peace can make both countries move forward, by using CPEC, India can achieve new milestones. This era belongs to Asia. Pakistan, Russia, China are on the same page. India has to stop the proxy war and resolve Kashmir dispute according to the UN resolution. It will make the poor prosper of both countries and will elevate the living standards in both countries.


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