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Continuing with its unveiling of new features, Socia app has now introduced a brand update that users are sure to love. Following their launch of live video yesterday, the photo-sharing app unveiled its new Save Posts feature, allowing users to save photos or videos from other users they may like and return to view them later.

As Instagram explains, the feature is great when you:

“stumble upon a funny video you want to remember, a new outfit you like or even inspiration for an upcoming vacation.”


In the latest 10.2 update, users will now see a bookmark icon near the lower right corner of any post, which when clicked, will save the post in a new tab in your profile. Taking a screenshot or sending the post as a DM is now a thing of the past.

Audi became one of the first brands to offer up a fun hack.


The auto brand posted nine different pieces of a single Audi R8 image in random order on its Instagram page, encouraging users to bookmark each piece in the correct order to solve the puzzle. Those who solved it correctly would see the completed shot of the Audi R8 in a seamless whole on the “Bookmarks” tab on their Instagram profiles.

While Audi may have been one of the first, it most definitely won’t be the last. Saved posts turn Instagram from a browsing tool into a curation tool, a move that puts Instagram squarely in Pinterest’s territory.

Just last month, Instagram introduced links in Instagram stories, which can be used to promote both contents and conduct e-commerce sales by brands and businesses. The feature gave much competition to Snap Chat.

The new feature is now available as a part of Instagram’s 10.2 update. Make sure to update to start using it today.


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