Internet may go down in 2017

Just Imagine what would happen if the world sees a sudden disappearance of the internet from the scene. In the present day technology driven world, life without the World Wide Website seems to be impossible. Experts say that there are very high chances for the internet to go down at least for one day or even more in 2017.

The officials of the US technology security company LogRhythm predicted such fate of internet in coming year by keeping in view the DDoS attack that hit the major sites in Octorber, 2016.

Chief Information Security Officer and Vice President of the Carder said, “there were all the signs in 2016, with criminals “testing missiles by shooting them into the ocean.”

“We saw the massive DDoS [distributed denial of service] attack against DynDNS just a couple of months ago. That DDoS attack took down sites like Twitter and Spotify for a few hours. We saw a similar DDoS hit Brian Krebs before the attack against Dyn. These were really just tests,” he added.

Last year in October a massive DDos attack brought down some big internet sites. The users were unable to access the siteslike Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud and many other such for hours.

According to internet security expert if hackers can victimize few sites for few hours then they are capable of crippling entire internet for longer time, most probably for 24- hours. In case such incident happens then it would cause a massive financial loss.

Carder also explianed that the respective attack may relate to the media sites and we mayf ace the issue of what is known as “fake news”.

He furthe predicted, “I think hackers, in the name of protecting our freedom of speech, will retaliate by knocking down a major media outlet or two.”

Digitization of data has provide an ease of access but at the same times it has made it difficult to has increased the vulnerability and threat of data exposure to attacks.


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