Internet traffic passes through India

Internet traffic that enters and leaves Pakistan first has to stay in India, that may increase the chances of security threats due to any possible cyber attack.

To combat any possible cyber attack from the Indian side, Pakistan Army intends to spread an internet service net along with CPEC in such a way that it remains secure from Gawadar to Khunjrab.

The need of such security arises because Internet traffic reaching and going out of Pakistan has to pass through India first, which is the threat to the security of internet in Pakistan and army wants to deal with it by planning an entirely separate internet service.

According to media reports, the intent came into limelight after the head of Pakistan army’s SCO (Special Communication Organization), Maj. General Amir Saleem Bajwa presented this plan before the standing committee in the national assembly. He also asked that army should be granted permission to start this project as it is necessary for the security of CPEC and Pakistan would connect the world with China, in the same way, the country would become less dependent on the under the sea, internet cable.

After the briefing, the standing committee allowed to start these web services, the project would begin with the collaboration of Federal Ministry of Information and Technology.

In the present scenario when rival states are using the cyberspace to launch warfare against each other one can’t allow such insecure mechanism of information transfer that allows the traffic to pass through India. In recent months we have witnessed many cases where hackers from across the borders have tried to manipulate the different systems and mobile data of the ordinary Pakistani people.

In case, there are no security threats then still self-sufficiency would also enhance the communication system and make the country less dependent as long as the new system doesn’t fall into the hands of another power who may look forward to exploiting it in the long term.


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