Iranian movies in Pakistani cinemas

After the ban on Indian content in Pakistan, Pakistani cinemas have decided to screen the Iranian and Turkish films in Pakistan.

Formal contracts between Pakistani film distributors and those of Iran and Turkey have already started.

According to Iranian news agency IRNA, Pakistani cinemas have made this move to bolster the Pakistani film industry as a vacuum has created after the ban on Indian movies in Pakistan.,In order to fill this void, Iranian and Turkish movies would be aired in Pakistani cinemas.

Another reason for the airing of Irani movies in Pakistani is said to be the cultural closeness of both the countries, further the Iranian films are being screened are already famous around the globe, and they are likely to amass appreciation of Pakistani audience too.

Turkish dramas have already created a huge audience for them in Pakistan, and there are chances that cinema lovers would embrace the Turkish movies with open arms.

Pakistani audience has always shown its interest in pictures coming from foreign film industries like Bolly-wood and Holly-wood. Pakistani cinemas are already playing the English movies like Trolls and Doctor Strange are being played nowadays.

In the same ways, it is expected that Iranian and Turkish films would serve as a pleasant weekend break.


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