Imran Khan

In a recent update about Imran Khan it has been revealed that he does hard workout even in Ramzan which is nothing but an act of a psychopath. Troubling yourself intentionly during fast by hard workout is insanity when a lighter workout could be done in fast too.

Imran Khan is truly ridiculed and dubbed as a “mad” by his opponents. He thinks that because of his huge following as cricket legend people will accept everything uncritically whatever he says or does.

According to some images shared on his party twitter page, it is apparent that Imran Khan does an extensive exercise even during the holy month of Ramadan. However, it is still a riddle that he fasts or not, but his Twitter page tells that he fasts regularly.

Imran Khan doing exercise

Before Iftar, he goes for gym training and does heavy exercise for an hour. He goes out for a walk before Sehri and walks for two miles. He says “it is extremely important to work out to reap the full benefits of Ramadan.” He eats yogurt, fruits, and eggs in Sehri and opens his fast with normal dinner.

Imran Khan is considered as a demigod by his followers and his fans comply with his ideas and actions. But it is unjust from his part to influence them in their holy activities during the blessed month of Ramadan.

It is too abnormal, we as Pakistanis protest against such acts of a celebrity. He is corrupting the minds of our people especially those of youth’s by displaying hard workout during fast.

We have our own routines during Ramadan, our fast remains incomplete without heavy parathas, and we cannot reap the full benefits of this holy month if pakoras in iftar are not provided to us.

Also, where is it written to have extensive work with fast? In summer, if we have a long fast of 16 hours it is good to have at least 10 hours of sleep, and it is impossible to reap the full benefits of Ramadan without watching Ramadan transmission in the remaining time.

If you want to bring change, it’s good, you must do it but don’t try to hit our routine and tell us such hard things. Don’t take away from us a lot of prayers and pious acts that we perform during Ramadan.

As pious rozadar we must serve more of our time in prayers and extra hardwork may distort our prayers. Those who work hard with fast don’t do justice with their fast (Roza).


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