Ishrat-ul-Ibad's son's walima

EX-Governor of Sindh Ishrat ul Ibad honored his son Ishrat-ul-Ibad’s Walima ceremony in Dubai’s Asateer Atlantis in Jumeirah. The Walima turned political gathering event leaves everyone of us in astonishment, as the scenario depicts much more about the future to come.

Here are the highlights of the Walima event.

Presence of key PPP leaders

Presence of key PPP leaders in Ishrat-ul-Ibad son's walima

Wedding Ceremony of MQM Leader’s son but a lot of PPP  (Pakistan People’s Party) men? What is it heralding? Is Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad going to join PPP? If so, then PMLN should take a note.

How a ceremony can be graceful enough if it is devoid of Sheikh Rasheed


How it could have completed without our very own Sheikh Rasheed, who has his personal political party but belongs to all’; of course the Pindi body was invited Afterall.

Talk show, politics or a walima ceremony, Amir Liaquat is a must


Amir Liaquat in Ishrat-ul-Ibad son's walima

After all, it is an old relation with MQM for this leader-cum-entertainer-cum-religious scholar and All-in-One Amir Liaquat.

A walima attended by political and business careem of Pakistan

Celebrities in Ishrat-ul-Ibad son's walima


Huge presence of political and business careem in walima ceremony of the Ex-Governor Ishrat-ul-Ibad sound like he is a governor to be for another tenure. Maybe!

So here was a walima function that ended up becoming a gathering for business people, politicians, journalists and gentry of the Pakistan.

All this glory apart, there are questions that an ordinary citizen of Pakistan (who was not a part of the ceremony) wants to ask His Excellency Ishrat-ul-Ibad.

Does it put you in a right position to accuse the Mustafa Kamal the Ex-Mayor of Karachi for making money out of a construction project when you was a part of FRIENDS Syndicate which used to get lucrative contracts during hay days of MQM Government?

You also claimed the unemployment allowance from the UK Government being the country’s citizen, so you have had enough money to throw such a luxurious Walima party in Dubai (the most expensive city in the world).

I just wonder how our nation becomes a victim of a hoax and deception planned in such lucrative gatherings, where kings decide how t to start new games with the same pawns.


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