Israeli Soldiers fall a trap to Palestinian hackers

Palestinian hackers have managed to access the smartphones of Israeli soldiers by luring them with pictures of the beautiful girls.

According to a report by IDF (Israel Defence Forces), a group from Hamas lured the soldiers with seductive pictures of the girls to steal the personal information.

After the suspicious activities of the soldiers on social media, IDF launched the Operation Hunters’ Network and identified fake accounts on social media websites like Facebook that were being operated to steal the information from Israeli soldiers.

The hackers used the pictures of beautiful girls and engaged the soldiers in romantic conversations; they also asked to download Messenger apps for smoothly continuing the talk. The links of the messenger apps that reportedly carried the Trojan Horse virus made it possible for hackers to access the data stored in smartphones.

YeeCall Pro, SR Chat, and WowMessenger are the applications that Hamas reportedly utilized to obtain the information.

The virus was robust enough to allow the hacker access the pictures, videos and other data along with using camera and microphone for taking the picture or recording anything even if the soldier didn’t know it.

It is common for hackers to use the traps that can easily make victims to fall a prey of such lucrative temptations and lose a sense of any potential threat that may cause any harm.



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