Israeli TV channels hacked to air Azaan by Saudi Hackers

Israeli TV channels hacked

Recently, Saudi hackers managed to hack the transmission of major Israeli TV channels and aired the Azaan on it. Hackers took over the control of channels at the time that was more likely to attract the audience. After airing, the Azaan hackers also showed the video of Masjid-e-Aqsa.

Israeli TV Channels viewers living in eastern parts of the Israel told that they heard Azaan being called from the TV.

The pretext of such hacking activity is related to the under discussion bill in Israeli parliament that proposeD for the ban on calling Azan in loudspeakers. On the hacked TV channel, hackers also told that recent uncontrolled fire in Israel is also due to Allah’s wrath on the country due to its considering of banning Azan that is a prayer calling system for the Muslims.

These hackers are not the first one to devise such opinion about the fire in Israel. Many Muslims and people from other citizens too who believe that Israel is involved in mass atrocities in Palestine, term this fire to be a retribution from Allah.

This is not the only reaction to Israel’s new proposed bill. Many people have highly condemned this bill and termed this a way to crush the rights of Israeli Muslims.

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