Jamaat Ul Ahraar website operated by India

Website of terrorist organization Jamaat Ul Ahraar, which is a splinter group of TTP (Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan) is operated by India. Jamaat Ul Ahraar had taken the responsibility of Lahore blast.

According to reports, agencies found during the investigation of Lahore blast at Mall Road that caused the loss of precious lives including DIG and SSP traffic police, that IP addresses of the Jamaat Ul Ahraar website are located in Chennai India, establishing Indian involvement in the planning of the attack.

More facts are likely to reveal as the investigation of the terrorist attack progress tightening the net against more facilitators.

After the deadliest attack, a wave of terrorism started in Pakistan resulting more blasts in other cities of the country too. Deadliest among these was the Suicide bombing at the shrine of Lal Shehbaz Qalandar in Sehwan that shook the country as it took more than 80 lives leaving many injured.

Security agencies and Pakistan Army have become more active in probing the extremists and curbing them; Army has destroyed the four training camps of Jamaat Ul Ahraar near Pakistan and Afghanistan border killing the militants.

The facilitator of Lahore blast that was arrested in Lahore with the help of CCTV cameras had revealed that attacker was trained from Afghanistan.



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