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#JamiatIsVisionOfIqbal remained a popular Twitter trend on Iqbal Day despite the fact that stark contradictions existed between the ideologies of Iqbal and Jamiat’s ideological leader Maulana Maududi. The very fundamental and undeniable conflict is the basic idea of Pakistan presented by Iqbal and rejected by Maududi as later was very against the basic concept of nationalism given by European scholars and philosophers.

Iqbal had wanted to emancipate Islam from the influence of Mullah, but religious Jamat-e-Islami that is acting upon teachings of Maududi is again handing over the charge of Islam back to clerics

Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) also known as  Jamiat, pledges to adhere to the underlying ideology of Iqbal and proudly announces that it is the only student organisation (no doubt it is the only student group in Pakistan) to include Allama Iqbal’s writings in its curriculums. Another difference between Iqbal and Maududi’s teachings  lied in the very pattern of preaching the Islamic ideology. Iqbal believed in the rational interpretation of Islam while Maududi was the staunch proponent of conservative Isalm.

The foundation of Political Islam in the form of political parties such as Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in Sub-continent, very much rely upon the ideologies of Maududi. Even the Jihadi outfits like Al-Qaeda that appeared on the scene in the time of Cold War were also inspired by the teachings and political theory of the founder of Maududi.

The issue is that many liberal outfits, also follow the Iqbal’s ideology of standing against the religious and capitalist imperialism. Even, in present time the songs of freedom from imperialism and religious extremism written by Iqbal (such as Utho Meri Dunya k Gharibun ko Jagaa Do ) are played in the rallies of liberal parties.

The issue is that many people even in Jamiat don’t know that Maududi was a supporter of Marxism during his youth, but there were a series of incidents in his life that caused him to convert from a liberal Marxist to a conservative Muslim.

May be, if the conservative right wing outfit spends less time in banning Valentine, Christmas and dealing with non-issues on campuses and gives more time to rational thinking approaches and analysing the contrasts in Iqbal and Maududi’s thoughts, then it would be able to recognise what was the original vision of Iqbal.


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