Javed Kayani tesitfied against Nawaz

JIT claims that Javed Kayani admitted to committing the crime of opening and operating ‘Benami’ or fictitious bank accounts on the direction of his uncle who is a friend to President Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

The JIT, during its probe, interrogated All Pakistan Sugar Mills Association Chairman Javed Kayani who admitted that he opened fictitious accounts for the purpose of money laundering and fraudulent transaction by getting a loan and transferring it to the foreign accounts. He also claimed that he did so following the directions of his uncle Shiekh Saeed who is PM’s close friend.

The JIT report state that, Phil Barry, a US national, was a carrier of Shiekh Saeed and brought traveler’s cheques from abroad, to get these change into DBCs with the help of Javed Kayani and delivered them to the residence of Nawaz Sharif.

JIT report also confirms the shady role of Javed Kayani in opening fictitious accounts from the PM through certified banking record. It is a solid prove that Nawaz Sharif and his family members are the culprits of these fraudulent transactions.

They also pointed out the involvement of National Bank of Pakistan’s President Saeed Ahmad in these fictitious transactions with Sharif family. They also placed the names of Javed Kayani and Saeed on the ‘exist list’ and requested the Supreme Court to keep them there till a final decision has been made by the Apex Court.


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