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Jemima Goldsmith, former wife of Imran Khan, and a journalist and campaigner from Britain, shows an overwhelming response on the Panama Verdict against Nawaz Sharif.

She took to twitter as she mentioned:

“Good riddance to the man who tried to get me jailed when I was pregnant with my 2nd child on trumped up (non bailable) charges of smuggling.”



According to reports, Jemima was sending 397 antique tiles to her mother in London, which were seized by the customs authorities in Pakistan, and charges were pressed against her. The export of antiques from Pakistan is illegal, which lead to charges against Jemima for a 6 months imprisonment and a fine as well. Jemima was pregnant with her second child when these charges were pressed, however, Imran Khan tried to accuse the government of maligning his wife with this fake case due to his criticism against the government.

Now, Jemima Goldsmith has taken to twitter as she supports Imran Khan:



She even mentions that although no civilian government has ever been able to complete their tenure of 5 years, the next government will! She basically means that Imran Khan will be the next Prime Minister, but we really do wonder why she’s showing so much support to someone she’s been divorced to for over 12 years now?



We’re still not sure whether she’s Muslim or Jew, and what religion are her children following currently? She has a white daughter with two sons she had with Imran Khan, so how is their upbringing coming along? We heard Jemima converted to Islam after 2 months of her marriage with Imran, however, we have never witnessed her or her sons ever performing their religious obligations. What must we make out of it?

Although the real reasons of their split are unknown, it seems like Imran Khan and Jemima’s family are quite close. She has left Pakistan a long while ago, and she even took Imran Khan’s sons with her, however, she still shows great interest and support towards her former husband. But it lingers in our minds…why? Does she have a personal motive behind her support towards Imran in politics?

First she was able to tape down 15 years old records of statements of Imran Khan, and now she’s voting for Imran to be the next Prime Minister. Lets not forget, she even lent Imran Khan a huge sum of money for him to buy the Banigala land. How many ex-wives lend their ex-husbands such a huge amount of money? We don’t know of anyone, to be honest.

While everyone may be praising Jemima for her support, we raise eyebrows. We need serious answers, Jemima Goldsmith, as to why are you showing so much concern in the politics of a country you left, and why are you showing so much support towards a man you divorced?


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